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Environmental & Industrial Equipment

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Environmental Equipment

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About Entech Environmental and Industrial Equipment

Entech Environmental and Industrial Equipment is dedicated to being your worldwide source for cost-effective environmental and industrial equipment. We will connect or provide you with the best technical solution for your application. Our products provide cost-effective solutions for such applications in the industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural markets, bodies of water and water ways.

We are helping to create cleaner, safer neighborhoods and protect our natural resources while restoring our fragile ecosystems for a completely sustainable planet.

We are dedicated, Certified Professional Manufacturers’ Representatives and Certified Sales Professionals. With over 30 years of industrial worldwide sales experience Entech Environmental and Industrial Equipment can sell and market your products to the industrial and environmental markets with our primary sales efforts in industrial and environmental filtration. Products and solutions include grey water reuse, and all industrial filtration requirements.

We are familiar with specification work and our team of engineering firms, consultants, licensed professionals and international manufactures are there to assist you with your project from the conception phases to final installation as well as post-installation and general maintenance.