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Grey Water Systems

Reliable  Low Maintenance

  • The ONLY grey water process that is NSF 350 (C) certified
  • Ultra-filtration for 99.9999% bacteria reduction
  • Applications – NSF 350 grey water, potable rainwater, black water

Size for Any Building

An AQUALOOP membrane station can be equip- ped with up to six filtering cartridges, depending on the amount of water to be recycled. Multiple membrane stations can be used in parallel to scale to larger volumes. The installation of multiple membrane stations ensures high system reliability for larger, commercial systems.

With incredible versatility, AQUALOOP capacities range from large commercial scale down to small single family residential.

Flexible Design & Installation

The AQUALOOP system consists of modular components that can be easily assembled as required.

  • Pre-filter
  • Growth Media
  • Membrane station, Controller
  • Membrane
  • Cartridges
  • Blower

Inflow Water Quality

Design is flexible to select the optimal system to match incoming water quality with end use water quality requirements.

• The AQUALOOP pre-filter is used for filtering hair, lint, and other debris from the incoming grey water or rainwater stream.

•With greater organic load of inflow water biological growth media are supplied in the fluidized bed process for biological degradation. This is supplied with oxygen via the membrane station.

•Less organically contaminated water can be cleaned directly by the ultra-filtration membranes. For example rainwater can be treated this way for drinking water.

Recycled Water Uses:

  • Irrigation
  • Water fountains
  • Toilet flushing
  • Laundry
  • Car/truck washing
  • Other non-potable uses

The only system certified to NSF 350 (C) standards for commercial grey water applications